Funk as PhUck MANIFESTO !!!

The rules of a  |>h|_||\||<`/ as PhUck mix

The devil is in the detail, but let´s keep it to a minimum.Start with som trackselection. select and make a playlist. This is commen NOT live(in front of a crowed) so play list is the way to go. order the tracks bpm vise so they start out in the low end.

  1. No use of effects (manyly traktor)
  2. No use of beat grid
  3. No use of Autosync.
  4. No use of Display(screen info in Traktor,scratch)
  5. 1.5 / 2 min pr. Track
  6. X numbers of tracks
  7. USE your EARS
  8. Do somthing,  This aint Berchain or ibiza peaking houers.
  9. There ain´t any rules of trackselection style wise but keep it underground
  10. HAVE FUN